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Here is some of the best engraving that I have encountered; arranged by maker.

Besson & Co. Cornet / c.1885

Besson & Co. Cornet / #75991 / c.1903 / Sold by Fischer but which company did the engraving?

Besson & Co.

Besson & Co.

Besson & Co. Cornet

Besson & Co. Trumpet / #105184 / c.1920 / This very patriotic engraving was probably done by Carl Fischer in New York and even includes a Lincoln portrait!

Boston Musical Instrument Co. Schmidt Cornet

Boston Cornet c.1905

Boston Musical Instrument Company / Boss-Tone Trumpet / #22412 / c.1920

Conn Wonder Cornet / #32900 / c.1891 / I have seen a few Conns with nice engraving but never one this fine. Even the water key is engraved.

C. G. Conn Cornet for Liberati / c.1915

Conn Trombone model 4H / c.1922

Conn Trumpet model 2B

Courtois Arbuckle Cornet

E. A. Couturier Conical Bore Trumpet / #3648 / c.1919 / fully engraved & gold plated

Carl Fischer Cornet / c.1895 / This is a Bohland & Fuchs cornet with engraving probably added by Fischer. They must have had some great artists there at the time.

Higham Cornet / #34033 / c.1882

Brua C. Keefer Cornet / #6660 / c.1918

King Silvertone Trombone

S. R. Leland & Son / Eclipse Cornet / #552 & 840 / c.1895 / The first Eclipse brass from the 1880s had this ivy design but only on the bell. This one takes it to the max and must have been made for a very special customer. The double serial number would indicate some modifications done a few years later.

George McFadden Cornet / Syracuse, NY / 1876 Exhibition model

Two Missenharter cornets / New York City

Missenharter cornet

Missenharter Cornet Snake

J. W. Pepper Premier model Cornet / #8854 / c.1894

Reynolds Cornet c.1936

Reynolds Professional Trumpet c.1948 / Sterling silver bell

Reynolds Sterling Bell Engraving trumpet

Reynolds Contempora French Horn

E. G. Wright Keyed Bugle

Unmarked Cornet / Who would not mark this masterpiece? Three color engraving with silver, gold, and purple.