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Below are links to my history pages for many brass instrument mouthpiece makers from the US. Most makes are now obsolete and range from common to very obscure. Information and photos are always welcome. I just started this section in 2018 so keep checking back for more.

Charlie Allen Trumpet Mouthpiece Maker Chicago

Albert Almont Mouthpiece History New York

Bellaire Mouthpieces

Buescher Band Instrument Company Mouthpieces Elkhart

George Bukur Trumpet Mouthpieces New York Cleveland

Al Cass Cassinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece History Milford MA

John Cauffman patent mouthpiece elkhart indiana brass instrument history

C G Conn Elkhart Mouthpieces

Vincent Dell'Osa Philadelphia PA Brass Doctor Mouthpiece

Bobby DeNicola Trumpet Mouthpiece Pudgy Puje brass instrument history Trenton NJ

Joseph Dobie patent trumpet mouthpiece Grove City PA

Fitzall Trumpet Mouthpiece History Elkhart Indiana

Robert Giardinelli trumpet mouthpiece maker history New York

Charles A Hunt Co New London Hartford CT cornet mouthpiece history

Harry Jacobs Chicago mouthpiece cornet custom fit

Brua Keefer Band Instrument Mouthpieces Williamsport PA history

T M Koeder Mouthpiece Maker History

Harry Lenherr patent mouthpiece Mercersburg PA history

A E Mathey Boston Musical Instruments Trumpet Mouthpiece

Rudy Muck Mouthpieces New York Trumpet Cornet Trombone

Ferdinand Munch Philadelphia brass mouthpiece maker

Forrest Nicola Mouthpiece Maker History Chicago

Parduba Double Cup Mouthpiece history

John V Prohaska Music Long Island City Queens NY trumpet cornet mouthpiece history

Carroll Purviance Trumpet Mouthpiece History Los Angeles California

Walter Sarad Mouthpiece Trumpet Trombone Lakewood Colorado

Seefeldt Philadelphia Cornet Mouthpieces

Slovacek Music Co Mouthpiece Maker History Waco Texas

Smith & Blake Mouthpiece Makers Boston MA

Sordillo brass mouthpiece

Christian Sorensen Music Trombone Mouthpiece Plainfield NJ

Peter Thomsen Mouthpiece Maker Cornet Philadelphia PA

Tottle & Son Boston Mouthpiece trumpet history Peter William

Frank Zottola trumpet mouthpiece Port Chester NY brass history