Keefer "JR" Trumpet

Brua C. Keefer
Trumpet #10056
Williamsport, PA

I don't know why I do this to myself but I just couldn't pass up this Keefer trumpet. A typical listing on ebay; bad photos, non-musician seller, and a very abused instrument. Too expensive at first, then it was re-listed with two other trumpets so I picked them up and sold one of the others later to cover the costs.

This poor trumpet had been hit hard on the lead pipe, breaking both the pipe and the bell brace. These had been crudely brazed back together; something I had never encountered before.

Here it is as I found it.

After tear down and some repairs just to see if this is playable.

Back together and playing great thanks to good valve compression. Thankfully I had saved a period Keefer Maestro Model 1 mouthpiece for this.

Keefer Trumpet

The curious "JR" found on some later trumpets. Is this for Brua Jr? If anyone out there knows then please write me.