Keefer C Trumpet
Keefer C Trumpet

Brua C. Keefer
Trumpet #11637
Williamsport, PA

At first I thought this was a Bb/C trumpet due to the quick change valve but when I received it I saw the "C" on the center valve so knew it was in C. Here it is as I found it. The finish is quite a mess but otherwise it looked pretty good.

Keefer Trumpet 1

Keefer Trumpet 2

Only one pull knob missing but I was able to find a very close match. Valve two is missing its plating but they all felt pretty tight so I was hoping this would play well.

Here it is all back together after much polishing. Thankfully it plays great and does play low pitch C with the slide all in. You can play in Bb with the change valve plus pulling the slides out. Large 0.462" bore, 18" long, and 4-5/8" bell.

Keefer Trumpet 3

Keefer Trumpet 4

Keefer Trumpet 5

Keefer Trumpet 6

Keefer Trumpet Finger Buttons 1923