Conn Victor New Wonder Cornet

































































































C. G. Conn
Victor New Wonder Cornet
Model 80A
c.1921 / #182332

I have few Conns in my collection but I came across this Victor cornet in relatively good condition and I couldn't pass up the beautiful gold plating I could see through the patina. This needed only some bell wrinkles removed, one bell brace re-soldered, and a complete cleaning.

Here it is as I bought it.

Conn Victor Cornet

Conn Victor Cornet 2

This model has two patents behind it. The first is #1,218,057 from 1914 dealing with the slide mechanism which allows a quick change to the key of A by pulling the main slide while also pushing out all three valve slides.

The second is patent #1,240,177 also from 1914 which covers the micro tuning wheel.

Here is an early ad drawing for the 80A cornet. This model has a large 0.484" bore and was made from 1914 until 1939 with the slide rod mechanism. They started out in 1914 as the "New Wonder" then changed to "Victor New Wonder" then finally "Victor".

After repairs and polishing

Conn Victor New Wonder Cornet

Victor 80A Cornet