Ross Hickernell Solo Trumpet












































































Ross Hickernell
Solo Trumpet
Warren, Ohio
#24 c.1922

In trying to research every brass instrument maker in the US, I have come across some makers who produced very little, even if they had great ideas. Ross Hickernell was a music professor in Warren, Ohio when he applied for a patent on his trumpet design in May of 1922. It was a combination of a trumpet form with his own design for the lead pipe taper and some added conical tubing to make it sound more like the traditional cornet. It also appears to be the first balanced model trumpet made with the valves further forward than any other model of its time.

It was announced later that year that sales were going well and that the trumpets were being made by the Nuss Manufacturing Co. in Harrisburg, PA; about four hours away from Warren. This example has #24 and probably dates to 1922. Later models were made by York & Son in Grand Rapids, MI and have their added name on the bell.

As almost always with buying a horn at an online auction, I take my chances on how worn out the valves are. This appeared to be a well-kept horn with minimal damage but having only two mis-matched bottom caps. Also the case looked much newer than the horn. The plus side was that it came with its original Hickernell mouthpiece.

Here it is as I bought it.

Hickernell Trumpet

Hickernell Solo Trumpet

The patent date is for the Blessing style valve guides used by Nuss. They also might have purchased valves from another maker like Blessing to use in all their trumpets as this style of valve casing is pretty common for this era.

Here it is all polished up and a matching set of bottom caps added. It really needed only some minor dent removal and cleaning. The down side is that the valves are really worn so it does play but not like it should.

Ross Hickernell Solo Trumpet Warren Ohio