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Brua C. Keefer Company
Williamsport, PA
Keefer - Williams #1 model Trumpet
#24516 c.1928

In the mid-1920s, Brua Keefer teamed up with trumpet teacher and performer Ernest Williams to produce the highest quality trumpet made by Keefer. The design is imitating the classic F. Besson model that almost every maker has tried to duplicate. I have had a number of these over the years but this one is quite unique.

My guess is that this one was done as a special request as it is the only Williams model that I have seen so far with the third slide ring on top. This also has the hammered bell interior which I have recorded on only two other trumpets from the same short period. It must have been an option they were experimenting with but then gave up on.

When I got this, one of the finger buttons was a replacement, so I have substituted a set of the classic enameled ones in these photos.

Length = 19.75" / Bell = 4.75" / Bore = 0.458"

Keefer Williams Trumpet

Keefer Williams Trumpet

Amazing engraving by Charles Otto seen below in 1922 at his bench.

This one came with the rare Keefer Williams #1 mouthpiece with a very deep cup.

Keefer Williams 1 Trumpet Mouthpiece

The inside of the bell is hand-hammered and gold-plated for a very unique look.


The original case was in very rough shape but I had recently purchased a very nice one so have put them together. This trumpet included its original A slide and music lyre. I have added the little oil can which Keefer often included at this time.

Typical Keefer case logo