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Martin Band Instrument Company
Elkhart, Indiana
Dansant model Trumpet
#98743 c.1930

Martin introduced the Dansant model trumpet in 1923 starting at around serial #38000 and produced them up until 1933 when they were replaced by the Imperial model around #105000. The larger bore version of this was called the Symphony model.

This example dates to 1930 and features Finish #6 Special Deluxe. This option cost about $250 which today would be about $3,800; quite a sum for the start of the Depression. This is in very good original condition with a really nice case and Martin 9 mouthpiece. Some minor work had been done with the bell and braces but overall it still looks great and plays just as nice.

A long-time engraver at Martin was Gerard George Whiteman (1900-1962). He was working there by 1927 so it's possible that he did this engraving. He was the only master engraver remaining after WWII.

"M" bore = 0.438" / Length = 19" / Bell = 4.25"

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Martin Dansant Trumpet

Martin Dansant Trumpet

Martin Dansant Elkhart Trumpet

Martin Dansant Trumpet Case