Buescher Trumpet
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Buescher Band Instrument Company
Elkhart, Indiana
Model 9 Trumpet
#177772 c.1925

Buescher introduced the Model 9 trumpet in late 1917 and it became one of their best sellers for many years to come. 19.5" long, 4.25" bell, and a small 0.435" bore. This has to have the smallest bell flair and taper of any of my trumpets. Playing this with a modern mouthpiece does not nearly sound as good as with the original one.

This particular example came with Finish L, which is the most expensive at $210 ($3,200 in 2020). It has engraving covering almost every part and includes a woman's profile, an owl, and a lighthouse.

Here is the catalog illustration from 1921.

I picked this up in this near-mint condition with the original case, tuning bit and gold-plated mouthpiece.

Buescher Model 9 Trumpet

Buescher Trumpet

Buescher Trumpet Bell

Buescher Trumpet Model 9

Buescher Trumpet Case Tag