Buescher Cornet C12
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Buescher Band Instrument Company
Elkhart, Indiana
Model C12 Transposing Cornet in C/Bb/A with Epoch Valves
#20751 - c.1913

Length = 12.5"
Bell = 4.625"
Bore = 0.460"
Finish #2 / $60 in 1911 [$1,600 in 2021]
Mouthpiece = Buescher True-Tone 14

I happened to find this cornet with a reasonable "buy-it-now" option so bought it before it was posted very long. It needed a little cleaning up but otherwise was in great original condition. It came with the Bb/A tuning slide and I happened to have the correct C slide to go with it. I also put with it a period Buescher case and mouthpiece. A beautiful little gem that still has good compression and plays great!

Buescher model 12 Cornet

Buescher C12 Cornet

Buescher C12 Cornet 1913

Buescher Cornet 12

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Buescher Epoch cornet

Buescher Cornet Epoch C12

Buescher cornet

Buescher Cornet Mouthpiece