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Harry B. Jay Co.
Chicago, Illinois
Columbia model Bb Trumpet
#102xx, c.1930

Length = 19"
Bell = 4.75"
Bore = 0.448"

I found this very beat up trumpet at an auction site and never would have bought it except that I had all the parts needed which this one was missing. It looked like the original lead pipe was replaced by another with a totally different plating color then the new one was broken off. You just have to wonder what horns like this have been through to get to this state.

The big dent in the second slide is likely why the second valve is stuck. That kind of blow warps the valve casing just enough to make the valve stick. Below is a photo after the broken lead pipe had been removed and the replacement parts all ready to go. Almost all the Jay trumpets I have repaired have the same bell bend due in part to no forward bell brace. Jay used a very early reversed tuning slide design which left no room for the forward bell brace.

Now the bell is a little straighter.

After assembly and polishing.

Harry Jay Trumpet 1

Jay Trumpet 2

Jay Trumpet 3

Jay Trumpet 4