Buescher Parlor Grand Trumpet
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Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Elkhart, Indiana
Model C13 Trumpet in C/Bb/A
#173717 from 1925

Length = 18.75"
Bell = 4.375"
Bore = 0.437"
Patent October 29, 1907 mark is for the Split-No-Tone bell
Low Pitch C with slides for Bb and rotary valve to A
Finish E: silver w/gold bell and engraving
Original Cost: $110 in 1928 [$1,750 in 2021]

Here it is as I purchased it. A bit tarnished but everything was there. The only defects were one tiny ding on the bell and one missing knob on one of the Bb slides. It looks like it was used for a few years when new then put away in a closet until now.

Buescher Model 13 Trumpet

Here are some views after an hour of polishing. It's currently set up to play in C.

Buescher model 13 Parlor Grand Trumpet 1925

Buescher Trumpet C13

Buescher Trumpet C13

Buescher trumpet Parlor Grand

Buescher trumpet

The original grease cup.

1925 Buescher Trumpet Grease Cup

Buescher Trumpet

Here is an interesting and rare Wonder-Tone mute that came with it. This was patented by Joseph Rudick of Akron, Ohio in 1922 and probably built by a local factory.

Wonder-Tone Mute 1922

The original case in about as good of a condition as possible.

1925 Buescher Trumpet Case

1925 Buescher Trumpet Case Tag

Here is an illustration from the 1926 catalog and showing the same finish E. From my research, the model 13 ran from 1924 until about 1933. It changed to the model 210 in 1928 but probably fell victim to the Depression and was phased out.

1926 Buescher Trumpet 13 Catalog Illustration