King Legend Trumpet
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King Musical Instruments (UMI)
Eastlake, Ohio
#2070 Bb Legend model Trumpet
#5_690985 from 1998

Length = 18.5"
Bell = 4.875"
Bore = 0.459" (This is stamped "L" yet has a ML bore.)
Weight = 41.15 oz
Pitch = Bb
Finish: silver plated
1998 List Price = $?

The Legend trumpet was introduced by UMI around 1997 and is said to have only continued until 2004, when it was ended by Conn-Selmer. So far, I have found examples only going up to around 2000. This trumpet features recessed top caps which make the valves appear shorter, and a weighted, modular bottom cap system. This is a very solidly built instrument and the heaviest that I have owned at just over 41 oz.

This example came from an internet auction sale and was quite dirty when I got it. Thankfully, there was no damage to the horn aside from a few tiny dings. What surprised me was that it included not only the original King mouthpiece, but also a 1930s White mouthpiece as well. It also came with a metal straight mute that dated to the 1930s. My guess is that perhaps an older player bought this to replace his 1930s King and kept his old mouthpiece and mute. Who knows?

This appeared to have sat around for a long time in a home with a dog. The case was covered in pet hair and had quite an odor but after some vacuuming and scrubbing, it looked a lot better.

Here it is before any work was done.

King Legend Trumpet

After a little work, everything came apart. The biggest challenges were a stuck tuning slide and third slide end.

Now all cleaned up inside and out.

King Legend Trumpet

King Legend Trumpet

King Legend Trumpet

The top caps still had their original rubber inserts, but in doing a valve alignment, I found that they were too thick. I changed this using some felt washers, which also made this play quieter.

King Legend Trumpet

King Legend Trumpet

King Legend Trumpet Eastlake

This one has a nice scroll design while other, later examples have a floral design.

King Legend Trumpet Bell

The original case all cleaned up.

King Legend Trumpet Case

If you own an example of this model, please send me information on it to add to my database. I am also looking for old advertising to add to this feature.

Here is an owner's manual from 1998 showing that the Legend trumpet was made with a one-piece bell and monel pistons.

Here is the card describing the bottom cap weights. Apparently I am missing four of the lighter ones.

The Legend is also said to be the same basic horn as the Conn 52B and Benge 90B; all made at the Eastlake plant.

Conn 52B; also with the weighted valve caps and reversed lead pipe. The valve block has a different design.

Conn 52B Trumpet

Benge 90B

Benge 90B Trumpet

This also looks a lot like the later Conn Vintage One. This is said to be a different design yet it does appear to use the same valve block, weighted caps, and tuning slide brace. This does not have the reversed lead pipe.

Conn Vintage One Trumpet