York Trumpet
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J. W. York & Sons
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Metropolitan Model 70 Trumpet in Bb/A Low Pitch
#80973 c.1925

Length = 19-3/8"
Bell = 4-1/2"
Bore = 0.468"
Weight = 37.8 oz
Finish C: quadruple silver plated with frosted finish; gold wash inside bell and on engraving

My first vintage horn was a York cornet found at a yard sale, so seeing this trumpet with its silver and gold finish reminded me of that. When the opportunity comes along to buy a near mint original horn with all its accessories, I hate to pass it up. This one has a beautiful satin-silver plating and only needed a few minor dings removed. This must have been used very little. The only repair needed was to re-mount the rear Bb/A stop rod holder.

York Metropolitan model 70 Trumpet

Here's the 1925 catalog page for the Metropolitan models. The only difference is that mine has a rod on the tuning slide for a quick change to A.

1925 York Trumpet Metropolitan

1925 York Trumpet

Every item on the equipment list from 1925 was included - even the spare valve springs!

York Trumpet model 70

This is the first mute that I have ever seen with a matching bag. They did this since there is no space designed into the case for the mute. The bag allows you to tuck it in next to the bell.

York Trumpet Mute with Bag

Even the mute has the frosted silver finish.

York & Sons Trumpet Mute

York Metropolitan Trumpet

York & Son model 70 Trumpet

York Trumpet

York Trumpet Bell Logo

York Trumpet Bell Engraving 1925

York & Sons Trumpet 1925 Engraving

York Trumpet

York Trumpet Tuning Slide

I wish all second slides were this well protected. So many get damaged over the years.

York Trumpet Slide

For a trumpet this pristine, it's surprising that the plating is worn off the valve stems.

York Trumpet

York Trumpet Valves 1925

1925 York mouthpiece. All trumpets came with two sizes.

York Trumpet Mouthpiece

Not sure what the leather loop was for on the lid.

York Trumpet Case

York Trumpet Case

York & Sons Trumpet Case Tag

York Trumpet Case

York Trumpet Case Tag 1925

After playing this a few times, I decided to switch the valve springs to the NOS pair in the case. I also cleaned the valves and ports because I had really done nothing to this when I bought it. Now the valves are super smooth and quiet!

York Trumpet

I also experimented with a new silver-plating kit that I bought from Caswell. The valve stems now look like new again and this plating kit works really well for small touch-up areas like this.

York Trumpet Valves