Buescher Epoch Cornet
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Buescher Manufacturing Co.
Elkhart, Indiana
Bb Epoch Cornet
#2589 c.1903

Length = 12"
Bell = 5 "
Bore = 0.454"
Weight = 37.8 oz
Finish : silver plated

When I first saw one of these Epoch cornets with their multi-length valves, I knew that someone at Buescher was really thinking outside of the box. What cornet collector wouldn't want something this funky? They generally sell for quite a lot but this one was in pretty bad shape with stuck valves and apparently missing parts. The nice side was that the bell and body looked like it had very little damage. This should really be saved as a parts horn for another project but I just can't help myself from trying to save it.

Here it is as I got it. Not surprisingly, the seller (who deals in musical instruments and should know better) shipped it just like you see it here with all the loose parts able to move around. The case was in such bad shape that some of the parts ended up in the box during shipment.

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Here it is with all the parts it came with. Missing are the top and bottom caps for the third valve, spring tower for the third valve (it's here but in pieces), finger button, mouthpiece, and original water key with reservoir.

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Buescher Eopch Cornet

Buescher Epoch Cornet

All the valves were completely stuck and required heat to remove. This was due to someone using vegetable oil for the valves. You can tell by the presence of sticky green goo. Here I have added a vintage mouthpiece. The two extra valve caps were included and are someone's attempt at replacing the originals. Neither fit.

Buescher Epoch Cornet Restoration

Here I have cut a spring tower off another vintage Buescher parts cornet after measuring very carefully how tall I would need it.

Buescher Epoch Cornet Valve

The valve back together and ready for use.

Buescher Epoch Cornet Valve

Another part to fix was the spring base. One arm was bent and another was missing. After heating and bending the bent side, I drilled and tapped the other for a small brass bolt.

Buescher Cornet

Now all the parts are cleaned up. I have added here a Buescher mute and vintage lyre. I found a valve cap from a baritone that fits perfectly for the valve three bottom and made a temporary hybrid top cap from an old Bb/A rotary valve cover and the chimney off a Buescher standard cornet cap.

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Buescher Epoch Cornet

Buescher Epoch Cornet

The mute is vintage Buescher.

Buescher Cornet Mute

The original unique water key/reservoir was gone and replaced by a conventional one. The work was very poorly done and left a lot of exposed brass. Thankfully, another brass restorer had an extra tuning slide with the proper water key so about two years after buying this, it now has a correct tuning slide.

Buescher Epoch Tuning Slide

Buescher Water Key Restoration

Restored Buescher Epoch Cornet Tuning Slide

Stay tuned......now I wait to find the right valve cap and finger button.