Jaubert Bb Cornet

F. Jaubert / Lyon & Healy Bb Cornet
Paris, France

This is a mid-1890s Bb cornet made by F. Jaubert in Paris for Lyon & Healy. The bell was so badly damaged when I got it that I bought it for parts then tried to see if it was repairable. The positive side was that it was complete. What will this look like cleaned up? Hard to tell when it's this ugly looking.

Jaubert Cornet 1

Thankfully, everything was able to come apart and cleaned up pretty good for its age. The severe wrinkle in the bell was staightened but still had a slight crack. The nice side to this was great working valves and a decent sounding horn when finally put back together.

Jaubert Cornet 2

Jaubert Cornet 3

These Jaubert cornets were a mid-quality horn sold by Lyon & Healy.

Jaubert Cornat 4

Jaubert Cornet 5

Jaubert Cornet 6

The key to who actually made this probably lies in this logo stamped at the top of the second valve. I have seen this on an imported Pepper cornet from the same period but so far do not know what it stands for.