Brass Restorations

Alfred Squire Cornet / Cinc. Ohio

Squire Cornet

I had never come across a cornet this old with a S-shaped leadpipe. It's marked "A. Squire Cincinnati Ohio" and dates to about 1870.

Bell diameter = 4-4/8" and length of 12"

Squire Cornet
Squire Cornet bell

Odd water valve

One strange design is this dual water key on a horizontal slide. You can see the ghost of the original key location so later, I modified an old lever to match this.

Here is how I bought it. Basically sound but in need of a complete cleaning and polishing.

I later came across photos of a cornet identical in design to this made by Courtois. What I learned is that mine is a copy of the original Koenig model cornet probably made by Gatrout in France. Thanks to Robb Stewart for this information and nice photo of his restoration. See the brass links page for a link to his great website.

Koenig Cornet