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Below are links to my history pages for many brass instrument makers and retailers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Some are well known while others are very obscure. One interesting thing I learned is that one-third of the US makers here were German immigrants, mainly in the late 19th century. All makers are either European or descended from European immigrants. I welcome any input you have that will add to these history pages.

Abbott Manufacturing Co Manhattan NY brass instrument history

Accusonic Trumpet Lead Pipe Eugene Gene Pilczuk Grand Rapids Michigan

Nathan Adams brass maker history

William Adams & Son music history Philadelphia

J Lathrop Allen brass instrument maker Boston New York

K Allmen Trumpet History New York

American Band Instrument Company Grand Rapids Chicago history

Art Musical Instruments Elkhart

Art Musical Instruments Brass List Pedler

Aschbach & Co History Allentown PA

Association General Paris Brass Instrument maker history

Alfred Aubertin trumpet maker Paris

Edward Baack Musical Instruments New York Brass history

Vincent Bach History New York Bronx Mt Vernon Elkhart

Bailey's Music Store brass instrument history Providence RI

Alban Barendsen Evanston Illinois Musical Instrument Trumpet

Julius Bauer History

Beacon Musical Instrument Co Boston MA

E Benge Company Chicago Burbank LA Anaheim brass instrument history

Benson Music House Minneapolis music history

Fontaine Besson Brass Instruments Paris France Hostory

Besson London brass instrument history

Gustav A Beuthner Brass Instrument Maker New York Syracuse history

Emil K Blessing Band Instrument Company Elkhart Indiana history

Charles Bobzin & Co Detroit brass musical instrument history

Bohland & Fuchs Brass Instrument History Graslitz Austria Czechoclovakia Cornet Trumpet Tuba

Joseph Bohmann Music Store Chicago history

Boosey & Hawkes London musical instrument history brass

Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory Company History

Boston musical Instrument Company List

Brown & Son London brass history

Willard Bryant Music House Detroit

B&J New York Band Instruments Buegeleisen Jacobson brass history

Buescher Band Instrument Company Elkhart Indiana history brass

Buescher Band Instrument Cornets Elkhart

Buescher Trumpet History Elkhart

Buescher Band Instrument Brass List

Buffet-Crampon Paris brass musical instrument history

Frederick Busch

Buzzell & Gove Rochester NY brass musical instrument maker history

Domenick Calicchio Trumpet brass instrument history New York Los Angeles

Carlin & Lennox music store Indianapolis

Cashal Crystal Trumpet Bell history Daniel Parker

Charles Christman Brass History New York

Cleveland Musical INstrument Company brass instrument history

Ferdinand Coeuille Camden Philadelphia brass history

Harry Coleman Excelsior Brass Band Instruments New York Philadelphia

C G Conn brass instrument history Elkhart Indiana

Oscar Coon musician history New York Oswego Syracuse brass

Couesnon brass instrument history Paris France

Couesnon & Cie Paris France Serial Numbers Dating Trumpets Flugelhorn Cornet

Herbert Couf Brass Instrument History Royal Music

Amtoine Courtois Paris brass instrument history

Antoine Courtois Paris Cornet history

Antoine Courtois Paris Trumpet History

E A Couturier Band Instrument Company history LaPorte Indiana

Couturier Company Brass Instrument List

Benjamin Dale brass instrument history New York City

John B Dash & Son New York Horn Maker Ironmonger

Robert DeLacy Brixton London brass history

C Devaster Bruxelles brass instruments

Henry Distin History

Henry Distin Cornet brass instrument history London New York Philadelphia Williamsport

Henry Distin Brass Instruments Serial Number Dating List New York Philadelphia Williamsport

Oliver Ditson Brass Instrument History Boston Haynes

George Diver Music Store Chicago history

Dodworth History

Carl Doelling brass instrument history Philadelphia

Eugene Domage Brass History

Hugh D Douglas & Son Ltd Brass cornet bugle maker Glasgow Scotland

Draper Brothers Boston brass musical instrument maker

M Dupont Paris France brass cornet maker

Jules Durand Paris brass cornet instrument maker history

W J Dyer & Bros Musical Instrument History Minneapolis St Paul MN

Peter Edwards Company Boston Brass History

Eisenbrandt History

Elkhart Musical Instrument Company brass history Gronert

Andrew Ellard Dublin musical instrument maker keyed bugle

EMO World Trumpet Huttl Germany

R Enders Brooklyn NY Brass Cornet

Alson Fairchild Trumpet Valve Patent Elkhorn WI

A Feuillard Brass Instrument Trumpet Progressive Musical New York

Fillmore Brothers Music House history Cincinnati Ohio brass instruments

Firth Hall Pond New York brass History

Carl Fischer New York brass history

Isaac Fiske History Worcester

Isaac Fiske CAtalog 1869 Worcester Massachusetts

John Howard Foote New York brass History

William Frank Company Chicago brass instrument history

William Frank Co Trumpets Chicago Barrington Illinois history

William Frank Chicago Brass Instrument Serial Numbers

Philip Frederick Philadelphia brass history

George Freemantle History Boston

Walter A French Band Instruments Kansas City MO

Henri Gautier brass instrument cornet maker Austria

Gautrot Paris brass instrument history

Gerbeth & Seifert brass history New York

Getzen band instrument company history Elkhorn WI

Carl Geyer Richard Wunderlich history Chicago french horn

Patrick Gilmore Boston History

A Hall Gisborne & Son London brass instrument maker history

Ernst Glier Cochecton History

Gonet & Cie Paris Cornet Trumpet history B&J New York

Stephen T Gordon & Son music pianos New York brass instrument maker Slater

M Goulet Paris brass instrument history

Grand Rapids Band Instrument Co Michigan York brass history

Graves & Co History Boston

Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Co New York brass instrument history

Gretsch Manufacturing Co Brass Instrument List New York

Grinnell Brothers Detroit band instrument history

William Gronert brass cornet history Elkhart Indiana

Guichard Paris brass instrument history

Frederick Hafely instrument maker history new york

Hafner & Sutphin Philadelphia music history

Hager Band Instrument Company Music history Grand Rapids MI

Halary Paris brass instrument history Halari

David Hall Boston History

John Heald Springfield Massachusetts Brass instrument maker cornet trumpet

John Heald Springfield MA Brass Instrument list

A Heinzmann brass instrument history Cincinnati Ohio

Henton Knecht Music Store Philadelphia PA Benal trumpet

Daniel Hess brass music History New York

Ross Hickernell Warren Ohio Solo Trumpet History brass

Joseph Higham Manchester England brass History

Hilleron brass instrument maker Paris cornet

William Hillyard London Philadelphia brass instrument maker

Frank Holton Band Instrument Company history Chicago Elkhorn

Holton Trumpets Chicago Elkhorn history

Frank Hultman Musical Instruments New York New Jersey Trumpet Cornet

Charles Hutchins Springfield History

A K Huttl Graslitz Austria Williamstown South Wales Baiersdorf Germany brass trumpet instrument maker history

Imperial Band Instrument Company Williamsport PA

Imperial Band Instrument Company Williamsport Brass List

D Jahn Paris brass instrument maker history

F Jaubert & Cie Paris France brass instrument history Lyon & Healy Chicago

Harry B Jay Co History Chicago brass Instruments

Harry Jay Brass Instrument LIst

G C Jenkins Music Store Decatur Illinois brass history

J W Jenkins Sons Kansas City music history

Joseph Jiran Music Store Chicago Berwyn Illinois history

John Joerdens New York Bugle Civil War History

Charles Joseph Music Cincinnati Ohio brass history

Kaempf brass instrument maker New York history

Kaiser & Kohler History Cincinnati brass maker

Mark Kalashen New York History

Mark Kalashen New York Surviving Brass Band Instrument List

George Christian Kampe Newark NJ instrument maker

Keat & Sons London brass maker history

Brua Keefer Williamsport History

Brua Keefer Cornets brass instrument history Williamsport PA

Brua C Keefer Trumpets Williamsport PA history

Brua C Keefer Brass Instrument Serial Numbers Williamsport PA

Julius Keilwerth Nauheim Germany brass instrument maker trumpet

Ralph Kenny Minneapolis brass instrument history

King Musical Instruments Cleveland Ohio History

King Trumpets Cleveland Ohio History

Klemm & Brothers brass Philadelphia

T M Koeder History Illinios brass maker Naperville Pekin

John Kohler & Son London brass cornet cornopean instrument history

Kohler & Chase San Francisco history instrument dealers

Chris Kratt Instrument Co Union NJ brass trumpet instrument importer history Huttl

Robert Kretschmar Philadelphia brass instrument history

Kummer & Schetelich Baltimore brass history

Hypolit Lacombe instrument maker New York City

Ray Lammers Music House history Cincinnati Ohio

Lamoreaux & Co Paris France brass instruments cornet Sears

Larkin Music Sidney Binghamton NY history

Charles Lavallee Montreal Canada brass cornet history

Alonzo Leach Music Des Moines history

Georges Leblanc La Couture France Kenosha Wisconsin Brass Trumpet History Courtois

D & P Lebrun Bruxelles Brussels Belgium Brass instrument maker

Jules Lecocq brass History New York

A Lecomte & Cie Paris brass maker history

Francois Lefevre Paris Henri brass instrument history Grinnell Bros

Alexander Leforestier Son & Co Music Philadelphia PA history

Henry Lehnert Philadelphia History

Leland & Son Worcester History

S R Leland & Son Eclipse Cornets Worcester MA

John Lockheart Portland Oregon Trumpet patent valve

Lyon & Healy Chicago Brass Instrument History

Lyon & Healy Chicago Own Make Brass Band Instruments History

Lyons Band Instrument Company Chicago History

C Mahillon Bruxelles brass instrument history

Louis B Malecki Music Chicago brass instrument history

Marceau & Co Paris brass musical instruments cornet trumpet history Sears

Martin & Co New York Brass History

Martin Band Instrument Company Elkhart Indiana brass history

Martin Band Instrument Company Trumpet history Superlative Committee Symphony Imperial Elkhart Indiana

Martin Band Instrument List

Martin Band Instrument Company Serial Number Graph List

Mayers & Harrison band instruments history Manchester England

McClellan Music Buffalo New York

George McFadden Syracuse History

H E McMillin & Son Music Co Cleveland brass history

Charles Meisel brass instruments New York trumpet cornet

Z Albert Meredith brass cornet maker history Marion Long Beach

Metzler & Co London brass instrument maker history

Frank Millard Co band instrument maker cornet brass Grand Rapids Detroit Plymouth

Larry Minick Trombone Tuba History LA Cambria CA mouthpiece maker

Charles Missenharter New York History

Missenharter & Harry Coleman New York Philadelphia Brass Band Instrument List

Joseph Modaudo Brass History Chicago Boston New York Catiana Italy

Henry Moennig Brass History New York

John S Moor Lowell MA Massachusetts brass instrument maker gunsmith

Rudy Muck New York Brass History

Rudy Muck New York Brass List

New York Musical Band Instrument Co history

Newell Millard Thomas Grand Rapids Michigan

Nuss Manufacturing Harrisburg brass instrument history

F E Olds & Son Brass Band instrument makers Los Angeles Fullerton CA history

Charles Osgood Elkhart brass instrument history

Thomas Paine brass Woonsocket History

Pan American Band Instrument Company Elkhart Indiana Conn History

John Parduba & Son trumpet makers history New York

Charles Parsons & Co New York musical instruments

Peate's Music House brass History Utica NY

Harry Pedler & Sons Elkhart brass cornet trumpet history

Harry Pedler & Sons Elkhart Brass Instrument List

Penzel Mueller Company Manhattan NY brass instruments history

J W Pepper brass instrument history Philadelphia NY Chicago

J W Pepper Cornets Philadelphia Chicago New York brass musical instrument history

J W Pepper Philadelphia Domestic Brass Instrument Dating List

J W Pepper Philadelphia Imported Brass Instrument Dating Chart

Pepper Brass Instrument Serial Numbers

Francois Perinet brass history Paris Passy musical instruments

Perry Haynes Hier brass instrument makers Grand Rapids MI

W C Peters Cleveland Ohio music store history

Pfaff Brothers instrument makers New York City

August Pollmann instrument maker New York City

Potter & Co London & Aldershot brass instruments

Henry Pourcelle Paris brass instruments cornet history Bruno & Son New York

Progressive Musical Instrument Corp New York History brass band instruments trumpet cornet

Quinby Brothers Boston brass History

Reiffel & Husted Music Chicago Illinois history

Rexcraft Bugles history Brooklyn New York brass

Foster A Reynolds Co Cleveland brass instrument history

F A Reynolds Trumpet history Cleveland Ohio

Reynolds Cleveland Brass Instrument LIst

Thomas Reynolds Salford England Music brass history

J G Richards & Co Cleveland Ohio brass musical instruments

Benjamin Richardson Boston brass History

Samuel W Richardson instrument maker history Rochester NY

Francis J Richmand Cornet Design San Francisco

C E Ridgely New York brass instrument history 69th Regiment

Adalbert Riedl brass history Chicago

Joseph Rohe brass New York History

Root & Sons Music Chicago Brass instrument history

Rose Band Instrument Company Fort Wayne Indiana brass history

John Rosenbeck Utica New York brass history

William Roth brass History New York

Joseph Rottkay Allegheny Pittsburgh music store history

Rudall Rose Carte & Co London England brass instrument makers cornet trumpet history

Lorenzo Sansone New York music instument history

Sax Paris Brass instrument history France

Herman Schindler Milwaukee brass instrument maker history

Louis Schreiber brass New York History

William Seefeldt Philadelphia brass history

William Seidel Band instrument maker Elkhart Indiana history

Henri Selmer Paris brass instrument maker history

Henri Selmer Paris Trumpets history

Seltmann Doelling Philadelphia brass history

Sheppard Cottier & Co Daniels Denton Buffalo New York

Davis Shuman Trombone Trumpet Design Brooklyn, NY

Henry Sibley Boston brass History

Silvani & Smith London brass instrument makers history

Sistek Band Instrument Co Cleveland Ohio

Moses Slater brass New York History

Alfred Squire brass History Cincinnati

Standard Band Instrument Company Boston brass history cornet

Stark & Kober brass instruments New York

J F Stratton New York brass History

Taylor & Horn Chicago Brass maker history

Thibouville Brass Instrument History Paris France

Jerome Thibouville-Lamy Paris Trumpet History brass

Tourville & Co Paris France brass cornet Sears

Triumph Band Instrument Co Columbus Ohio

William Turtle A Manchester England brass instrument maker history

Charles Tuttle Music Store Rome New York History

Charles Van Wie Albany brass history

Vega Company Boston brass instrument maker history Thompson Odell

Vega Co Boston Brass Instrument List Trumpet Cornet Standard Band Co

Vega Co Boston Standard Band Instrument Serial Numbers Trumpet Cornet

Louis Vitak Chicago brass instrument history

Jean Vivien John cornet maker New York Philadelphia Pepper Missenharter history

Joseph Wallis & Son London brass history

Henry Weymann & Son Philadelphia brass instrument history

Whaley Royce & Co Toronto Ontario History

H N White Band Instrument Company King history Cleveland

H N White King Trumpets Cleveland Ohio brass history

King White Brass List

Whitmore & Mansfield brass history Boston

Whittle Music Co Dallas Texas history trumpet cornet

Williams Brothers Brass Instrument Makers Elkhart Indiana

Charles Williams Stores New York Brooklyn brass history

RS Williams & Sons Toronto brass instrument history

Curt Wohlrab Germany trumpet history

Elbridge G Wright Boston brass History

Wulschner & Son music brass history Indianappolis

Richard Wunderlich brass instrument Chicago

Rudolph Wurlitzer Brass Instrument History Cincinnati Ohio

J W York & Sons Band Instrument maker history Grand Rapids MI

J W York & Sons Cornets Grand Rapids Michigan Brass History Band Instruments

J W York & Sons Trumpets Grand Rapids Michigan

York Band Instrument Company AirFlow Trumpets & Cornets History

Zoebisch & Sons New York brass History