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Brass Links of Interest

General History

Go to Horn-U-Copia for one of the best brass resources on the net.

Go to the Trumpet History website for more brass history.

Go to Pocket Cornets for Nick DeCarlis's great site on these tiny horns.

Go to Robb Stewart's site for amazing restorations and brass history.

Find more information on Vintage Mutes for brass instruments.

Find Vintage Advertising for your brass instrument.

Visit the Musical Instrument Engraving website by Ray Noguera .

Find Vintage Maker Catalogs at the Sax history website.

Find out more about your Instrument Cases and restoring them.

Go to Trumpet Herald to find information on anything trumpet related.

Find information from Italy at Forum Tromba.

See the Famous Trumpet Players page to see what equipment they used.

Go to Brasstacks to find information on European & American companies.

Instrument Collections

Visit Eric Totman's Horn Collector site to see his great collection.

Go to Conical Bore for William Faust's brass collection.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see their brass collection.

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see their brass collection.

Visit the National Music Museum to see their brass collection.

Specific Maker Websites

Go to the Bach Loyalist website for more about this great maker.

Find more about Benge Instruments at Joe Lill's website.

Go to the Buescher Loyalist website for more on this maker.

Go to the Conn Loyalist website for more on this maker.

Go to Conn Post-Elkhart for information on this company after 1969.

Go to Contempora Corner for the history of Reynolds & Ohio Band Inst. Co.

See more King instruments by HN White at the White website.

Visit the Missenharter website to learn about this NYC maker .

It's A Bear for information on early Olds trombones.

Olds Central for details on all Olds instruments.

For more Schilke information go to the Everything Trumpet website.

Go to the York Loyalist website for more on this maker in Grand Rapids.

Musical Instrument Societies

Visit the Historic Brass Society and become a member.

Visit the American Musical Instrument Society and become a member.

Visit the Galpin Society for the study of musical instruments.

Other Links

Go see the King's Brass for their amazing free concert near you.

Check out Metzler Brass Repair for all your restoration needs including valves.

See the history of the Adirondack Railway from Saratoga to North Creek, NY.


Jay Trumpet