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Below are links to my history pages for many brass instrument mute makers from the US. Most makes are now obsolete and range from common to very obscure. Information and photos of mutes are always welcome. I just started this section in 2017 so keep checking back for more.


Beversdorf Mute Columbus Illinois Trombone

C G Conn Elkhart Mutes

Elton Musical Products New York Mute Maker History Leigh Elkington

Free Tone Mute Harry OLeary Indianapolis

Patrick Harmon Mute history Chicago Wah-Wah Swingmaster trumpet

Hornola Mute Bryant Detroit trumpet cornet trombone

Huber-Smith Manufacturing Co Mute History St Louis

Humes & Berg Manufacturing Co Chicago trumpet cornet  mute

The Intune Mute Forestport NY

Keefer Band Instrument Co Mutes cornet trumpet Williamsport PA

William Kidder Mute Maker History Buffalo NY

V J LaPage trumpet cornet mute maker Buffalo NY

Macanart Mute Company Bristol CT history trumpet trombone mutes

Magin-Mayer Saxonette Co mute history Belleville Illinois

Magosy & Buscher trumpet cornet mute maker history New York

Micro Products Mute Shastock Free Tone trumpet cornet

Nuss Manufacturing Mutes

Charles Randall mute maker history trumpet cornet New York

Joseph Rapuano trumpet cornet mute history New York

Ray Robinson trumpet cornet mute maker history Chicago New York

L W Shastock Co trumpet cornet mute maker history Cleveland

Sordillo-Gardner Music Co Boston trumpet cornet mute history